Week 1 – Post 2 – Digging Deeper to Reach Our Goals

After having conducted a preliminary research of Social Media, my first post last week, outlined an overview of:

  • what social media is;
  • why businesses use social media;
  • the advantages/benefits for businesses using social media;
  • the disadvantages/risks for businesses using social media;
  • some key social media services.

The post will be used as an introduction to the Research and Analysis of Social Media in the final Report.


This basic information provides the foundation for further research necessary to meet the objectives of the Coursework to ultimately create a promotional package for a fictitious company, in different forms of media, providing the following:

  • a research and analysis of social media and of a similar company’s brand’s use of it;
  • three social media recommendations for the company;
  • a Social Media Plan;
  • a two-minute (maximum) promotional video/advert;
  • a reflective analysis of the Social Media Plan.

Further research is being conducted to investigate further the following areas:

  • which social media services to use – analysing the different services;
  • how businesses use social media effectively;
  • what costs are involved in using social media services;
  • how businesses measure their Return on Investment (ROI);
  • how companies similar to the fictitious company are using social media;


There is a wealth of information online covering each of these areas, and throughout this week I have collated a number of sources for each topic, and I am now in the process of conducting a review of the literature found. My subsequent posts will address each area briefly, with more detailed information being provided in the final Report.