Week 2 – Post 1– Determining which Social Media fits your business

With the overwhelming number of social media sites making their mark on the internet, it is wise for a business to be selective about which outlet will be the best means of both targeting its customers and also placing its brand where the discussion about it is already occurring.


Before launching a full blown campaign, the business should take some time to consider what it wants its social media presence to achieve and where its target audience can be reached. It needs to consider who it wants to reach and where they are likely to be found since there can be a disparity in terms of user demographic on different social media sites. The business needs to first and foremost determine what its goals are:

  • whether the goal is to try to engage potential and current customers,
  • whether it is to build relationships,
  • or whether it is to spread information or to monitor what is being said about its brand. This is because different social media sites are better suited for different goals.

Each platform is different – the ways people use them are different, as is the etiquette. According to Social Media Today data, teens are most active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, whilst Buffer points out that the 55-64 year age bracket is the fastest growing demographic on Twitter and that YouTube reaches the 18-34 age bracket more than any cable network in the US. On the other hand, it is interesting to note that Fortune 500 companies seem to be preferring Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google+ channels in that order.

It is also important for the business to determine how much time it has to dedicate to meaningful social media updates and monitoring. Accounts cannot be created and forgotten as this would cause more harm than benefits to the online image of the business. And if it is to spend precious time on any social media network, it would do better to spend it where most of its target audience is!

In my next post we will delve into the key facts the business needs to know about each of the main social media tools.











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