Week 2 – Post 2 Social Media Platforms – some key facts and infographic

In a very recent and interesting post on socialmediatoday.com, Natalie Sisson outlined the key facts of some of the most popular Social Media platforms based also on infographic by Social Media Today. These facts and figures, which today’s post is looking into, are substantiated by numerous other marketers, bloggers and researchers, some of which are listed in Bibliography at the end of today’s post and which all make very interesting reading.

fb Facebook

  •       over 1.15 billion users and 1 million active users
  •       both a personal and business platform
  •       45-54 demographic makes up around 40% of its audience, followed by both 35-44 and 25-34.
  •       slightly more dominated by male to female
  •       main demographic is somewhat college educated earning $50-75K per annum
  •       great for entrepreneurs, freelancers, organisers, brands, advertisers and anyone who wants to connect with people, engage and ultimately convert
  •       one of the most versatile platforms where photos, videos, text and articles can be posted
  •       works really well in terms of engagement and conversion
  •       great for improving SEO, traffic to your site, brand exposure and customer engagement


  •       around 200 million users
  •       main audience –  corporate, professional or employee related
  •       ideal for the services-based industry of coaching, consulting, copywriting, web development, business development, partnerships, professionals in all industries; job recruiters and head-hunters
  •       35-44 demographic is its largest audience, followed closely by the 45-54 demographic
  •       evenly split between female and male
  •       main demographic is also somewhat college educated earning $50-75K per annum
  •       articles and texts work well on LinkedIn
  •       improves SEO and brand exposure, and used well can be a good tool for referrals and recommendations

gGoogle Plus

  •       a cross between Quora and Facebook
  •       growing steadily with over 350 million users
  •       25-34 demographic is by far the largest audience, followed by the 18-24 demographic
  •       like Facebook, photos, videos, articles and texts work well on it
  •       good for improving SEO, brand exposure and customer engagement especially through the use of communities and hangouts (excellent features for customer service and building trust)


  •       a practical, useful and fun way of sharing information
  •       around 450 million users
  •       it requires people to get their message across in 140 characters or less
  •       key audience is 65% female and it is evenly split between 25-34, 35-45 and 45-54 demographic
  •       again most users have some college education with the average salary lower at $25-50K per annum
  •       widely used by news organisations, marketers, brands and advertisers, and of course celebrities….
  •       Photos, videos, and text are most effective on Twitter
  •       great for increasing brand exposure, customer engagement and traffic to a business’s website or landing page


  •       1 billion unique users visit the video-sharing website every month
  •       slightly dominated by females at around 55%
  •       the largest audience is definitely younger at 18-34, although next up is the 45-54 demographic
  •       most users have some college education, and the average salary is lower at $50-75K per annum
  •       ideal for mediapreneurs, video production, vlogging, movie-making and music sharing
  •       Video is obviously the most effective media to use on YouTube
  •       owned by Google, YouTube is great for SEO and brand exposure


  •       has proved to be a powerful tool for people selling their products and services, including artists, creatives, jewelers, image consultants, mediapreneurs, entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, service providers, and e-commerce related brands
  •       around 30 million users and growing
  •       largely dominated by females, approximately 80%
  •       largest audience is made up of the 45-54 age bracket earning on average $40-60K per annum with some college education
  •       all the media formats work on Pinterest, but photos and videos are especially effective
  •       Pinterest is great for increasing traffic and brand exposure

Follow the link below to read Natalie Sisson’s full article, and check out the links in Bibliography for further related reading.









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