Week 3 – Post 1 – How to Use Social Media Effectively

1The previous posts have looked into the uses and benefits of social media in the business world, and provided a closer look at some of the most popular social media platforms and how they are being used. But a business can only reap the benefits of this power tool if it manages to use it creatively and strategically.

This post is a compilation of useful tips for the effective use of social media to improve business.


  • Planning – Building a social media marketing plan and considering the business’ goals before beginning to create a social media campaign is essential. It is important to consider keyword research and content ideas that will interest the business’ target audience. Target the social networking sites where you want to promote your product.
  • Brainstorming goals – What is the business hoping to achieve through social media marketing? Who is the target audience? Where would the target audience hang out and how would they use social media? What message does the 3business want to send to its audience with social media marketing? Obviously, a business wants to promote its product, but it also needs to be specific about what else it wants to do. This might include selling more products, attracting return customers or gaining new customers. Social media marketing can help with a number of goals, such as website traffic, conversions, brand awareness, creating a brand identity and positive brand association, and communication and interaction with key audiences.


  • Content is King —Content reigns king when it comes to social media marketing in the same manner as in any other area of online marketing. It is important to offer valuable information that customers will find interesting and to create a variety of content by implementing images, videos, and infographic in addition to classic text-based content.
  • Consistent Brand Image — A business may project its brand image across a5 variety of different social media platforms, but while each platform has its own unique environment and voice, the business’ core identity should stay consistent. Consistency is the key to people finding the business, and it offers some branding opportunities.
  • Blogging — Blogging gives a business the opportunity to share a wide array of information and content with readers. The business may use its own blog or write guest blogs for other websites about the benefits 6 and popularity of its product. It should encourage people to share its posts and share them itself by posting them to other social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The business blog can also serve as its social media marketing blog, in which the business blogs about its recent social media efforts, contests, and events.
  • Linking — While using social media for marketing relies primarily on the business sharing its own unique, original content to gain followers, 7 fans, and devotees, it’s also great to link to outside articles as well. If other sources provide great, valuable information which the business believes its target audience will enjoy, it should not hesitate to link to them. Linking to outside sources improves trust and reliability, and the business may even benefit by getting some links in return.
  • Tracking Competitors —8 It is always important for any business to keep an eye on its competitors—these can provide valuable data for keyword research, where to get industry-related links, and other social media marketing insight. If the competitors are using a certain social media marketing technique that seems to be working for them, the business can not only seek to do the same thing, but to do it even better!
  • Measuring Success with Analytics — In order to determine the success of social media marketing strategies, tracking data is vital. Tracking tags and be attached to social media marketing campaigns for proper monitoring.9

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