Week 9 – Post 1 – Creation and Editing of Flash Travel’s Promotional Advert

The creation of the advert involved the following four steps: 

  • Filming and Editing:

The Sony Handycam HDR-CX 150 was used to record footage of the sandy beach. In order to achieve the desired time frame for the footage, it was replicated and edited on Adobe After Effects CS 6. The footage was intended to be used as the background for the photo slideshow.

  • Photo Editing:

102 photo taken from personal gallery, were selected falling under 5 categories invoking the following inspirations- ‘live your dream’; ‘make the most of it’; ‘journey into the wild’; ‘create lasting memories’; ‘the world is yours’. Each and every photo was edited in Adobe Photoshop CS 6. Various tutorial were followed to achieve the desired effects. Techniques and effects used included: adjusting hue and saturation; creating vintage effects; creating focal points by blurring and sharpening the focal point; adjusting contrast, brightness, and temperature of the image; cropping and straightening images; and removing part of the images which were not suitable using magic wand and replacing it with ‘content-aware’ to blend with the rest of the image.

  • Music Editing:

The piece of music was found on YouTube as an instrumental cover of ‘Top of the World – Imagine Dragons’ played by a third party who gave his own version of it. Research was conducted to ensure that this particular instrumental had no copyright and could be edited and utilised for this project. Originally the piece was around 3:30 minutes long, and by using Adobe Audition CS 6, it was trimmed to meet the required time frame of the advert.

  • Bringing it  all together and creating the advert:

All the above components were amalgamated onto Adobe After Effects CS 6, starting from planning the project with folders – Media , Intro, Outro, Video. Common elements such as the background, logo and compositions were placed in the media folder to be used more than once in the three main compositions. The images used for the slideshow, and other images used throughout the video were placed here to keep them organised. In the Intro folder, compositions we’re used to create the texts with light effects and the company logo, which were all brought together in one main composition using masks, and transform effects. This method was also used in the Outro folder. In the final Video folder, several compositions were created: the basic visual of the slideshow and side map with glossy effect; the transitions of both the slideshow section and map; the slideshow itself with 102 photos rapidly changing in 1:08 mins with no transition effects between each image, as when these latter transitions were tried out they did not allow sufficient time for the image to be viewed and were not visually engaging.



Flash Travel Promotional Advert:




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